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Old record box

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Sluit  old record box

Rock'n'Roll, World Music & Swing Goldies. 

Old songs we all love, Be Sure To find something new. 
Browse Let's even a bit in the old record box. 
Timeframe about: Belle Epoque to Early Beatles - ie ca . 1890-1965. 
One can find a lot of big names in the music of this period of time and a few surprises. 10 Golden Stars for a few special songs. (And ten small for a few more special Hörtipps, uva)


Active Time 1959 date.

As Dylan can remove virtually all video on the Web, 
there is none of it.

Dylan is still the epitome of the (US) folk singer. Other (Folk USA): Burl Ives (" Ghost Riders In The Sky "), Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Roscoe Holcomb, Woody Guthrie. Other (Folk Ireland ): Joe Cooley, The Chieftains, The Clancy Brothers, The Ronnie Drew Group * (" The Leaving Of Liverpool . "), Willie Clancy Other (Folk England): Ewan MacColl, Ian Campbell Folk Group, Shirley Collins, The Copper Family, The Waterson (" Hal-An-Tow . ") Other (Folk Scotland): Hamish Henderson, Jimmy MacBeath, John Strachan, Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor (" Football Crazy . ") * Later became known as The Dubliners.


Although Holly's career lasted only four years (1955-1959), he still is one of the greatest legends of rock'n'roll. 
And maybe he has the following (rock and pop) music even influenced more than any other artist of rock 'n'Rolls. Other (Rock'n'Roll [white]): Bill Haley (" Rock Around The Clock "), Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis. Other (Rockabilly): Andy Starr (" Rockin 'Rollin' Stone"), Bill Flagg, Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Burnette, Tommy Spurlin. See also:. rock'n'roll and doo-wop ballad Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson can be found in a separate category (see below) ,


What can be said for Holly, also applies to Berry, whose influence on the later (rock) music is also very high. 
Maybe he is also the first great guitar player in rock history. Other (Rock'n'Roll [black]) : * Bo Diddley, Fats Domino (" I'm Walkin ' . "), Jackie Brenston, Little Richard, Lloyd Price . * For Bo Diddley you really have to say anything if he here already no separate category was He was probably, or pretty sure even the first guitar king . of rock music history Berry said of Diddley, he had the Rolling Stones influenced. Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley ,Bo Diddley - Mona . And with that he belongs to a guild of significant black guitar. Of Elmore James about Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley up to Jimi Hendrix (among others).


Richard is the most important representatives of contemporary music in Europe before the time of the Beatles! 
more, he is said to have sold the most records worldwide to date. 
The Shadows are an absolute monument of modern European music.


Dinah Washington is probably one of the most interesting black women's voices. 
Like no other black singer they hit the clay between popularity and true art. 
One of the many rather somewhat underrated music world stars. (See, inter alia under Other Blues [Women]).


Elvis is regarded as King of Rock'n'Roll, but actually he was also a pop singer. 
Maybe Elvis is also the first absolute superstar of modern music. 
As such, it is in any case seen often, almost even as invincible all-time superstar. 
This role is now perhaps only difficult to understand, out of time, but it is understandable.


Fats Waller (Boogie Woogie / Instrumental [Piano]).
Active Time 1918-1943. 

Fats Waller - Is not Misbehavin '. Fats Waller - Honeysuckle Rose. Fats Waller - Lulu's Back In Town. Fats Waller & Ada Brown - That Is notRight. Fats Waller - Truckin'.


If the significance of the Boogie Woogie can be seen in the development of early rock'n'roll, 
and thus the importance of modern piano music, then you can see the importance of Waller not be underestimated. 
It reminds somehow to the piano player in the saloon of the Wild West - . one of the modern Western quasi Urmusiker 
(yet older about the figures of the Celtic bards or medieval Bänkelsängers or troubadours.) Other (Boogie Woogie): Albert Ammons ("Shout For Joy"),Big Joe Turner, Champion Jack Dupree , George W. Thomas, Pete Johnson. Other (Instrumental [diverse]): Arthur Rubinstein, Boots Randolph("Yakety Sax"), Django Reinhardt, Yehudi Menuhin.


Frank Sinatra (Entertainment [Schlager USA]).
Active Time 1935-1995. 

Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey - Fools Rush In. Frank Sinatra - My Way *. Frank Sinatra - New York, New York. Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The Night. Frank Sinatra - That's Life.


* Written (and later himself interpreted) by Paul Anka (see below). Sinatra is probably the most famous name among the entertainers in the US music.So you call the actual pop singers in the United States. Other (Entertainment): Bing Crosby, Bobby Darin, Matt Monro, Nat King Cole ("LOVE."), Perry Como Other (Entertainment Women): Patti Page, Kay Starr ("Wheel Of Fortune"), Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney, Teresa Brewer. Other (Hollywood Film Music): Doris Day, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly ("I'm Singing in the Rain"), Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe.


Miller is the epitome of swing time, the VA had a boom during the Second World War. 
It was at that time also the music, which should be a consolation over the gloomy war years. 
But the swing is also that style, which the (white) Music by Jazz has led to later modern music. Other (Swing): Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman ("GoodyGoody! [feat Helen Ward.]"), Gene Krupa, Jimmy & Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman.


Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians (big band [gen.]).
Active time from 1924 to 1977. 

Guy Lombardo - With me you're beautiful. Guy Lombardo - Get Out Those Old Records. Guy Lombardo - Harbor Lights. Guy Lombardo - On A Slow Boat To China. Guy Lombardo - Red Roses For A Blue Lady.


Actually include the Swing and the early big band music together, in honor of Lombardo am I doing here but a separate category. 
He was known as in Europe in the USA, but there was one of these Canadian big band leader of the largest of his profession. Other (Big Band USA ): Ben Bernie ("Rose Marie Medley"), Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Jack Teagarden. Other (Bigband England): Bert Ambrose, Billy Cotton, Jack Hylton ("Happy Days Are Here Again"), Jack Payne Ted Heath.



Harry Belafonte (World Music).
Active Time 1949-2003. 

Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat Song. Harry Belafonte - Iceland In TheSun. Harry Belafonte - Jamaica Farewell. Harry Belafonte - Matilda.Harry Belafonte - Monkey.


Belafonte is probably one of the biggest secret superstar of the music world. 
His album "Calypso" (1956) was the first, were sold from which more than 1 million copies. 
He is also probably the first big star of the phenomenon of world music, 
although he an American is (with Caribbean roots [Jamaica / Martinique]). Other (Calypso *): Lord Executor, Lord Invader, Lord Kitchener, Mighty Sparrow, Wilmoth Houdini ("Stop Coming And Come"). Other (World Music) Grand Kalle ("Independence Cha-Cha."), Miriam Makeba, Perez Prado, Umm Kulthum, Yma Sumac * Jamaican Mento see 'Ska / Jackie Opel'.


JACKIE OPEL (Ska, among others [R & B, soul, gospel, calypso]).
Active time 1950s-1960s. 

Jackie Opel - Eternal Love. Jackie Opel - I Am What I Am. Jackie Opel - Tears From My Eyes. Jackie Opel - Valley Of Green. Jackie Opel - You're Too Bad.


Opel would probably known by only a few as the first size in the Ska, among others because he made ​​Barbados comes (not from Jamaica). 
He is certainly one of the most interesting ska performers In addition, also significant in some other styles of music. Digression: In addition applies Opel also as founder of Spouge - which is a relatively unknown musical style from Barbados, is what described as a mix between Ska and Kalypso: The Drayton Two - Raw Spouge. Other (Ska): Don Drummond, Lord Tanamo, Prince Buster, Stranger Cole , The Skatalites ("Garden of Love").

Jan & Kjeld (teen stars / pop).
Active time from 1958 to 1966. 

Jan & Kjeld - Banjo Boy. Jan & Kjeld - Do not always so much wind.Jan & Kjeld - Mary Lou. Jan & Kjeld - Penny melody. Jan & Kjeld - Yes Sir That's My Baby.


These two I bring here from a childhood memory, because that was my very first music 
disk.. (And long the only, of course: "Banjo Boy" [A] and "Do not always so much wind" [B]) 
I think that . has come out of the plate mission of the parents in the 
nursery. Under what circumstances, unfortunately I do not remember (! What a memory) Jan & Kjeld Wennick came the way from Denmark, not a special case in the highly international pop scene. Other (Teen Stars ): Brenda Lee, Heintje ("Two Little Stars"), Frankie Lymon, Judy Garland, Tanya Tucker. Other (Schlager Germany): Dorco German ("marble, stone and iron breaks"), Freddy Quinn, Gitte Haenning, Peter Alexander , Udo Jürgens.Others (Schlager Germany II): Heinz Rühmann, Lale Andersen / Marlene Dietrich, Lizzi Waldmüller ("Berliner Luft"), Willy Fritsch, Zarah Leander. Others (Chanson France): Boris Vian, Edith Piaf, Georges Brassens, Gilbert Bécaud ("Nathalie"), Maurice Chevalier. Other (Schlager Europe): Domenico Modugno, Georg Malmsten, Grigoris Bithikotsis ("Ti na sou kanei mia kardia"), Pepe Pinto, Vera Lynn. Other (opera stars): Enrico Caruso ("La Donna e Mobile"), José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Placido Domingo.

JOHNNY CASH (Country / Western).
Active Time 1955-2003. 

Johnny Cash - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen. Johnny Cash - Big River.Johnny Cash - New Mexico. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire. Johnny Cash - Walk The Line.


If you have to call a big star of country music, many cash would probably call. 
Rightly, in my opinion: for me one of the greats of modern music. Others (Country): Bill Monroe, Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family ("Wildwood Flower") *. Other (Country II): Jean Shepard ("Satisfied Mind"), Loretta Lynn, Porter Wagoner, The Dillards, The Stanley Brothers. Other (Western): Dean Martin ("My Rifle , My Pony And Me "), Gene Autry, Rex Allen, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter. * This was the first super hit the US country music. The single sold between 1928 to 1929, a million times. And it was up pressed into the 1960's. Here is an interesting cashCovering. 

Special: Blue Yodeling. * Rodgers was the first great star of country music and also the founder of Blue Yodeling ("Blue Yodel No. 1"). This is a Type of Alpine (Switzerland) yodeling in the US country music, which even took place in the mainstream. More: Cliff Carlisle, Elton Britt, Kenny Roberts, Wilf Carter, Yodeling Slim Clark ("I Miss My Swiss." **) It is also interesting this: DeZurik Sisters ("Arizona Yodeler.") ** Unfortunately apparently no longer available; perhaps comes it again: a very funny song. There is only one other versions of Wilf Carter or Kenny Robert. (Older versions [Swing u Foxtrot-.]: Southhampton Society Orchestra, Tennessee Happy Boys, The Happiness Boys, or also known orchestras as Fletcher Henderson or PaulWhiteman; the song seems to have been especially popular around 1925 [ua, multiple versions are from this year]) Amazingly, that is hardly or not at all known in Switzerland. Especially among the Blue Yodelers are even more famous names, which are among the absolute values ​​of the US country music, such as Hank Snow and Gene Autry (among others). Most is a bit distorted and simplified Blue Yodeling the real yodel. But there are also examples of real yodelling in this song. Of course, in Switzerland not yodel everyone is like this sometimes almost claims, but: this is a cliché, but item. The Swiss yodel was also input about the musical tradition in Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Various forms of yodeling in the Alps are not only known, but around the world. The Alpine yodeling is certainly the best known form.


The music is always of stars and superstars talk: Armstrong was probably the very first such. 
Without the great star cult later music star indeed. His influence on the more modern music is immeasurable. Other (Jazz): Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck ("Take Five"), Miles Davis, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Stan Getz. Other (Jazz II): Bix Beiderbecke, Charles Mingus, Coleman Hawkins, Sidney Bechet ("Petite Fleur"), Thelonious Monk.

Lys Assia (Switzerland).
Active Time 1942 date. 

Lys Assia - The old carousel. Lys Assia - Forever. Lys Assia - O meinPapa. Lys Assia - Refrain. Lys Assia - What can be more beautiful.


Lys Assia went down in music history as the first winner of the Euro Vision Song Contest (1956). Other (Switzerland): Sibling Schmid, Robert Sherman, Jost Ribary ("Steiner Chilbi"), Teddy Stauffer, Vico Torriani. Special: early modern music and older folk music in Switzerland.


In Switzerland, for a long time dominated the popular music, with more regional variables before first the Swing influence from the USA was significant (siblings Schmid, Teddy Stauffer, Robert Sherman) and then also the newer pop influence from Germany and the rest of Europe (Lys Assia , Vico Torriani). The siblings Schmid (including with Margritli Song) were in the 1940s and 1950s, the first (and internationally) known Swiss vocal interpreters of popular music; much of what we already regarded almost as a very old oldies today, actually comes from a slightly later period, than that I mainly consider here (incl. about Mani Matter or Dieter Wies's Chansons, the successful practical joke-songs of Trio Eugsters Ruedi Walters song from the Niederdorfoper, The Woman-Stirnimaa Song of Minstrels or even also Ruedi Rymanns Schacher-Seppli, etc.). Among the older or oldest or 'ancient' Schweizer Hits however heard the nationalist soldiers' song "Gilberte de Courgenay" (1941, composed by Hanns In Gand, actually: Ladislaus Krupski, 1917, sung here by German immigrants Erwin Kohlund). Also very popular was the song "S'Guggerzytli" by Bumm (Sigi Meyer) and Schrumm (Paul Weber). Mention should be made ​​in the old Swiss music also the important collection of folk songs "In Röseligarte" by Otto von Greyerz (1908).As the most important folk song of the French-speaking western Switzerland applies "Lyoba - Le Ranz des Vaches" (sometimes even referred to as the unofficial national anthem of Romandy [the composer and the time of origin is unknown]). This is probably the most famous Kuhreihen also, which is quite important since the Kuhreihen one of the oldest forms of a known Swiss folk music (occupied since 1545, with the oldest known Kuhreihen: "Appenzeller Kureien praise praise"). But it took even the Beatles to wake the music a bit, Switzerland (and then went only a few more years until it really happened, with groups like Les Sauterelles * in Zurich or clamping and Rumpelstilz (with Polo Hofer) in the emergence of Bernese dialect Rocks, which are at the beginning of modern music in Switzerland). Here's an older recording of Swiss folk music (Stump / Betschart, btw. 1911 to 1914 [the origin of Swiss folk music is still unclear what is to say that the Alpine folk music is not a purely Swiss phenomenon, but place a pleasant flat, which probably or determined in connection also communicates with the rest of the former European folk music; apart but it has the Swiss folk music and of course their peculiarities]). Not one must forget the earlier Swiss music also Nella Martinetti: the Ticino brought German-speaking Switzerland Italian and Ticino Schlagermusik closer (and also belongs therefore to the largest connecting characters between the Ticino and the German-speaking Switzerland, the Swiss [music] Story: 'Bella Musica '). PS About the yodel-phenomenon in the US Country, among others: see above.* The group was founded in 1962 Les Sauterelles was the first successful modern band of Switzerland. Initially it was based on The Shadows (here the first single 'Hong Kong'), later on The Beatles (including with their biggest hit 'Heavenly Club' in 1968 [the group was also 'Swiss Beatles' called], this was also the first Swiss song ever to make it into the Swiss singles chart at # 1!). Actually, they played, although it was still felt that music in Switzerland as a provocation, quite good, the English models by; very clear: the British put in former folk music and schlager stressed Europe accents (in the other countries, the music was only later some innovative, some with and after 1968 he movement).



Mahalia Jackson is of course the essence of the power of gospel music. 
In the history of modern music, this area is often forgotten (wrongly, I think). Other: The Fisk Jubilee Singers, The Golden Gate Quartet, The Harmonizing Four, The Pilgrim Jubilees ("Old Ship Of Zion"), The Swan Silvertones.


Who should single out big in the Blues: Waters has perhaps the most respected names, but this is difficult to say. 
But others blues performers appear as important (and my real 'secret' would Willie Dixon). Other (Blues / Blues-rock): Charley Patton, Elmore James("Dust My Broom"), John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon. Other (Blues Women): Bessie Smith ("St. Louis Blues"), Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington (see above), Ella Fitzgerald, Ethel Waters. Other (Rhythm & Blues): Ben E. King, Charles Brown, Lionel Hampton, Louis Jordan, Ray Charles ("What I'd Say").


* Belle Epoque in the narrow sense:. About 1884-1914 (musically but until the 20-ies and 30-ies). Unbelievable that Reutter was forgotten almost a bit over a longer period, he is probably the most important artist of the former cabaret Schlager. (And perhaps also the biggest in this sector even today.) Other (Belle Epoque Europe): Josephine Baker, Lizzi Waldmüller ("Berliner Luft"), Tino Rossi, Willy Fritsch, Yvonne Printemps. Other (Belle Epoque England ): George Formby, Harry Champion, Jack Buchanan, Marie Lloyd ("Every Little Movement ..."), Vesta Tilley. Other (Belle Epoque USA): Al Jolson, Annette Hanshaw ("Happy Days Are Here Again"), Frances Langford, Irene Dunne, Vernon Dalhart. Other (humor [in German]): Comedian Harmonists ("Veronica, Spring Has Arrived"), Ferdl Weiss, Hermann Leopoldi, Karl Valentin, Theo Lingen.


PAUL ANKA (rock'n'roll ballad).
Active time 1955-date. 

Paul Anka - Crazy Love. Paul Anka - Lonely Boy. Paul Anka -Loveland. Paul Anka - My Way. Paul Anka - Oh Carol *.


Original of Neil Sedaka. Anka heard (wrongly) might not be the greatest names of the time (probably because he is Canadian and non-US citizens).In fact, comes Sinatra's big hit "My Way" written by Anka (itself interpreted he has that title until later). Now one can argue about which interpretation is the better one: somehow it's just but the song by Sinatra. Other (rock'n'roll ballad): Don Gibson, Neil Sedaka, Ritchie Valens , Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers ("All I Have To Do Is Dream.") * Other (Rock'n'Roll Europe): Cliff Richard (see above), Johnny Hallyday, Peter Kraus, Ted Herold, The Allison's (" Are You Sure "). * In this category my choice has fallen hardest, because were all really great. Therefore, they all get here her song: Don Gibson - Sea Of Heartbreak, Ritchie Valens - Donna, Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely. And one who also may not be missing here is Bobby Helms, for example, with his ballad Hurry Baby, or with the Christmas song Jingle Bell Rock. Yes indeed, did what rock'n'roll - once upon a time ago.The rock ballads play an important role to this day (tendency unfortunately rather waning).


Ricky Nelson.
Active time in 1949 / 1957-1985. 

Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou. Ricky Nelson - It's late. Ricky Nelson - My One Desire. Ricky Nelson - Travelin 'Man. Ricky Nelson - Waitin' InSchool.


Nelson is one of the first major teen stars (and he joined the Rock'n'Roll synonymous with country music). 
Amazingly, Nelson is now one of the more almost a bit forgotten sizes of Rock'n'Roll (he was really great!). 
If one of the old rock'n'roll deserves the title of 'James Dean of Rock'n'Roll', then it would be Ricky Nelson, no doubt.


Cooke is a phenomenon, but above all he is probably the greatest soul artist of all time. 
Gross has become he, perhaps few people know, with the gospel group The Soul Stirrers. Other (Soul):, Aretha Franklin, Brook Benton, LaVern Baker Percy Sledge ("When A Man Loves A Woman"), Solomon Burke.


The Beach Boys (Surf Beat / Rock).
Active 1961-2011 time. 

The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann. The Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun. The Beach Boys - I Get Around. The Beach Boys - Surfin 'Safari. The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA.


With the Beach Boys and their Surf Rock perhaps began a second phase of rock music (after the early rock and roll). 
The Surf Rock (and also of Doo Wop, see below) were very important for the whole subsequent development of rock and pop music. Other (Surf Beat / Rock): Dick Dale, Freddy Cannon *, Jan & Dean ("I Found A Girl."), Ronny & The Daytonas, The Bel-Airs * Cannon was among the first representatives of the Surf Rocks , three years before the first single of the Beach Boys ("Okefenokee"). The friends of today's hard rock music are likely part not particularly interested in the surfing beach party rock the Beach Boys themselves. The surf-rock but has much to contributed formation of hard rock;showing this Song: Dick Dale - Surf Beat. (1963) Interesting including about this song: Dick Dale - Mexico (1963). The special sound comes from the twang guitar. This was also about employed by the great guitar groups of the time (The Shadows [England], Spotnicks [Sweden], The Ventures [USA]), or by Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser ( . 1958). Or even by Link Wray (see above) and the rockabilly sound Other forerunner of the Hard Rocks are about (UVA): Link Wray - Rumble (1958) or James Cotton - Cotton Crop Blues (1954). It is interesting in this regard further about this song: Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin '. (1966 - a kind of' Hard Beat ') At this time, the psychedelic rock was traveling here about the booty the band of 13th Floor Elevators. (from 1965 to 1969) The song shows . that the beat was there on the road, where the rock came in 1968 - with the creation of groups of the first Hard Rock Wave The connection between Beat, Surf (Beat / Rock) and (hard) rock is a very - or: amazing - direct link . The blacks were synonymous with the blues, but also about with Chuck Berry or Bo Diddley and later, of course, Jimi Hendrix. Perhaps one could say that Surf Beat Blues Rock and who together make up the Hard Rock (a somewhat simple formula).


Active time from 1960 to 1970. 

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night. The Beatles - Help! The Beatles - Love Me Do. The Beatles - Ticket To Ride. The Beatles - Yesterday.


The Beatles revolutionized modern music in Europe, which was heavily hit emphasized previously. 
The beat sound was a mix actually pop and (surf-) rock music. 
Significant were the Beatles subsequently va also for the development of (European ) pop music. 
Other (Beat): The Byrds, The Hollies ("Bus Stop"),
The Monkees, The Tremeloes, The Turtles. Other ([beat] Rock): The Animals, The Easy Beats, The Rattles, The Rolling Stones ("Come On".),
The Yardbirds Other ([pre-] garage rock & Proto-Punk): The Kinks, The Sonics ("Psycho"), The Troggs, The Who, Them. 
Other (Mersey Beat *): Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Four Most, The Merseybeats, The Searchers ("Do not Throw Your Love Away." **), The Swinging Blue Jeans * In order for the sound of Liverpool is currently the Beatles (also referred to: Liverpool Sound). ** Original of The Orlons. Further: The emergence of modern rock music can be seen in the development of surfing and beat music. A very important moment in the history of the (late-) modern music: 1962/63 . ff And it was precisely that time also, in what came of rock'n'roll from the US to Europe. Here are the three most important bands, among others, depending on the date of their first record. The Beach Boys - Surfin 'Safari (1 ./29.10.1962* - US 32). The Beatles - Love Me Do (05/10/1962 - UK 17). The Rolling Stones - Come On (06.07.1963 -. UK 21) * First album then single. The Beat certain the music of the 1960's years, and only when you hear all these bands. understands the great importance of the Beatles and the Stones for the subsequent music more interesting bands of the 1960's are about: The Monkees, The Seeds, The Stooges , The Yardbirds, The Zombies (UVA). The beat music has been successful in half of the world: in Switzerland took over Les Sauterelles the role of 'Swiss Beatles'. Interestingly, for example, perhaps these (slightly less large famous) bands: Afterglow, . Blue Cheer and The Open Mind (. All these bands with a typical for the later 1960's annual slope into Psychedelic) Also interesting is something this: The Castaways - Liar Liar (1965, actually 68-er sound). Other important developments were the Hard Rock (important for about The Doors with "Light My Fire", 1967), during 1968, the three most important bands of the first Hard Rock wave were founded: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, and in the early 1970s, then came of (euro) Pop up with ABBA 1972/73, but before already with Middle Of The Road (1971). I have seen a period up to about 1965. An interesting band in the transition of 1965/1968, the US band The Lovin 'Spoonful. She had with "Do You Belive in Magic?" 1965 her first single and her first hit. The following year they returned with "Summer In The City" or "Daydream" (1966) songs that became big hits of the Flowerpower time.


The Five Satins are perhaps one of the most interesting groups of Doo Wop. 
This style is characterized by vocal groups after a cappella style, however, deposited by POPable / funky music. 
The Doo Wop was what sometimes goes forgotten today, which for the development Pop as important as the rock music. Other (Doo Wop [black]): The Del-Vikings ("Come Go With Me"), The Drifters, The Harptones, The Penguins, The Platters. Other (Doo Wop [white]): Danny & The Juniors, Dion & The Belmonts, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons ("Sherry."), The Deltones, The Mello-Kings Other (Early-pop girl groups): The Chordettes ("Lollipop"), The Crystals, The Marvelettes, The Ronettes, The Supremes. Other (Early Pop): Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chubby Checker, Dee Dee Sharp, Gene Chandler("Duke of Earl" *), Little Eva. Other (a cappella groups [diverse ]): The Andrew Sisters, The Boswell Sisters, The Brox Sisters, The Mills Brothers ("IHeard"), The Revelers. Other (choral music): Don Cossack Choir ('I pray to the power of love'), Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Red Army Choir, Vienna Boys' Choir. * Better known is perhaps the pop version of the group Darts (1979).


Small musical journey through time: After The Ball.

The Great Old Song, so this song is sometimes called: Charles K. Harris - After The Ball. This was the first Millionenhit the record industry (in different versions: the first successful version comes from Irene Dunne) , composed during the period of the Belle Epoque 1891/92 by Charles K. Harris, and so the big or the biggest hit of that time, in which the (mainstream) music somewhere between operetta, cabaret (in the French sense: or Sideshow Cabaret moving. -Variété) and Schlager. Amazing that this song, at least in Europe, is hardly known today. The subsequent wave of modern music has all this made ​​you forget. The King of schmaltzy and the master of ragtime. On this site there are a few other auditions of piano pieces that Harris wrote: 'King Of The Tear Jerker' - as well as from some other known in the US songs from the 1800 s to 1920 (dt king of tearjerker.) -er years. That is also legendary: "James P. Johnson - The Charleston" (1925). This song established the eponymous dance which (together with the foxtrot) was popular as between the modern waltz and swing. The famous singer and dancer Josephine Baker performed this dance also in Europe. More than likely legendary: "Scott Joplin - The Entertainer" (1902 - Ragtime Piano, interesting about this piece of Joplin,"Pineapple Rag"). Something like anthems of the silent movie era almost. And here's one of the most famous pieces from the Dixieland jazz "Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Livery Stable Blues" (1917). For jazz music has to be said that it is not a pure black music in its origins, as one might think, perhaps: an important influence came about by the French marching music(hence was also New Orleans's most important early center of jazz music and is still considered Jazz metropolis); this music was played at official occasions, and the blacks, they have adapted and reshaped for their own events (which is an important factor in the birth time of the Jazz). To early age of jazz are about the so-called marching bands or Street Bands. So is the classical music of Europe, from which the march music has emerged, also responsible for the whole development of modern music. The century of music. The 20th century was the century of the car (even flying cars!), The film ... and the music (later, of course, also the computer and the Internet: a truly very eventful century!). Time enough this little oldies tour or about the modern waltz up to the (early) Beatles (I have divided into older and newer oldies and dedicate myself here the slightly older). For everything there is not space, but most of the Major is Registered. Except perhaps some of Rhythm & Blues. But this style is also relatively difficult to define (it does actually more as a collective term of the later black popular music and the mainstream of black popular music, with a great variety of different styles and the combination thereof [to about the radio took over this role]). Of course, the thing is a bit US-heavy: the music from the United States was indeed very influential at all in the 20th century in the world music *, therefore appears justified (one could cite many artists from around the world, which in their culture had a certain celebrity, but I wanted to here the biggest world hits and a few more specialized matters cited). And as I said in the music are often about themes such as freedom, love or lust for life (and pain), so issues that actually play only a very minor role in politics - perhaps the music has that very reason and a political message. Moreover, the music, or significant parts of it, like really important parts of the whole 'culture', including such things as a means of resistance against all injustice and injustice which, unfortunately, still and brings to a these people society again; This is especially true and in a fairly high degree of modern music. Many songs are actually states that should change, but not change, and feelings that would otherwise find hardly any or no expression in this society. Music is therefore a good alternative program for policy because it promotes listening: something you missed largely in the (today's) policy. The moral and political philosopher Confucius incidentally appreciated the importance of music as a very high (certainly he has not thought of rock, pop or reggae music, but still). * The reason for this may not be as readily apparent. It is not only the political and economic role that the United States va played after the Second World War, but: it is above all the fact that the West was much longer connected more culturally, as is the case in other parts of the world where earlier and partly even today a very strong national (and actually even more regional or local) thinking prevails (which was also within metropolitan areas as such as the communist, the Muslim, the Indian or the Chinese cultural sphere, nota bene [not insignificant in this respect is of course the transport and communications technology to mention]). The West, however, is oriented for some time to some extent internationally. Therefore, the western culture has so strongly to the fore in the 20th century (and in the same advance the American Culture). Today, as also increasingly in other parts of the world an international thought arises, and in the future, this is likely to change, and how we can already relatively clearly, the (world) has today become an international and multi-faceted culture in general. Classical composers who in the considered here include time (1850 to date). Robert Schumann (1810-1856), Franz Liszt (1811-1886), Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), Johann Gottfried Piefke (1815-1884), Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880), Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884), Anton Bruckner (1824-1896), Johann Strauss (Sohn, 1825-1899), Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), Georges Bizet (1838-1875), Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881), Piotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904), Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908), Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924), Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), Claude Debussy (1862-1918), Richard Strauss (1864-1949), Jean Sibelius (1865-1957), Franz Lehar (1870-1948), Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943), Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), Respighi ( 1879-1936), Bela Bartok (1881-1945), Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1885-1948), Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957), Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953), Arthur Honegger (1892- 1955), Carl Orff (1895-1982), Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), George Gershwin (1898-1937), Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) , I also have this set a few links that might be interesting (and many others).Perhaps we should deal with the classical music (after all, that would be a rather interesting topic) something more. The fact that the transition from classical to modern music may be fluent, just shows about the example of Scott Joplin (1867 / 68-1917) above, also known as 'King of Ragtime', which has obviously busy with classical music (as well as . other modern musicians partly, of course), and could be cited in the list of composers of classical music actually PS Also on this page, it may from time to time give a link that no longer works: the Internet is partly a fairly schnellebiges Ding , and watching the music videos sometimes disappear stop again because the corresponding YouTube user has removed the video (and I listen to all these titles, of course, not every day, and check the links and not every day, but only from time to time ). It is therefore in this case offered some leniency. Good songs to listen to yes it has definitely enough on this side so that a could sometimes come almost a bit of nostalgia. But I know a good recipe against: if the nostalgia too broad makes with me, then I imagine a man in front, which in 100 years perhaps with much nostalgia to today's (and indeed the good old) reminds time.How absurd! Or grotesque. And then goes a the heartbeat.

Ringtones to phone Youtube video. It's easy online, one needs to three steps. with this website can be a Youtube video into an MP3 audio file converter, 2. with this website you can cut audio files (the desired area on the mp3 file in the browser for the ringtone select [exact time interval mark]), with this website you can do with some additional effects ringtones. Upload to mobile phones and finished (first course, but still make sure that your own cell phone can play mp3 files [most cell phones can now]). There are also Converter which make directly from YouTube videos a ringtone, for those who want a bit more quickly, but I have not yet found that precisely performs all the steps and the same number of effects has it (but I have also not yet tried all of them, here's an example: [with the 3-step method we have in addition to the ringtone saved the whole audio file that is not the case here; if you do not require the whole file, you can also Steps 1 and 2 do with this editor, and then to step 3 still refining]). Professional: Those who still something to mix (or possibly improve the quality of some) want, can the Myna Sound Mixer use it. Of course, this is not just music videos, but also text-Files from a poem by Goethe to a speech by Obama, everything is possible.
Should you want more oldies who can at Yamelo anything else in the record box to rummage (1960-to date, including with older oldies, over the period considered here also). Also interesting is this page that a (personally created) list of top 100 songs by year returns (1940: also here you [but without videos] may be a bit rummage around in old hits). And more interesting examples of music and performers especially from the 1950s and 1960s - rock and beat - there at the Rock & Roll AG (Note: here the music is going on when you click the same [... more Rock ' n'roll and Rockabilly there are here]).

Music from 1965 to date - 10 great styles of the past 50 years.

Provided here was first actually only one side on the older Oldies - to the Beatles just about. Now I have also made ​​an overview of the years from 1965 to date. To ten different types of music this time - plus five additional categories - there is ever a jukebox with 15 titles to choose from and a brief commentary on the subject - the categories below can be clicked. I found this post, which has since expanded to other pages again a bit shorted together and led back to this page (the other pages were to be deleted). The music theme is very welcome, on the other hand it should not also take up too much space (of course it is just a side issue for me).

When ten main categories of music between 1965 and today I see: 1. Flowerpower, 2. radio; 3. (hardware) rock, pop 4th, 5th Reggae, Disco 6, 7. New Wave, Techno 8, 9, HipHop, 10. R & B. 

. 1 Flowerpower . This is the music of the 1968 generation, where the Summer of Love in 1967 and the Woodstock concert was in 1969. This music has influenced in a hitherto unprecedented manner all subsequent music, beginning with the black radio and the white Hard Rock. There is no music after 1968, which is not decisively affected by this kind of music and time. The mix of joyful and cheerful party and strong psychedelic overtones belonged to the (ambiguous) attitude to life this time. Some very successful groups of the Progressive Rocks remain the Flowerpower feeling throughout the 1970s faithful (eg, Barclay James Harvest or Supertramp). Three examples: Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love, Moby Grape - Omaha, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Woodstock (and this is a very special song, which contains different elements from different directions, until the later Progressive Rock: The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today). - Switzerland: Les Sauterelles (with Toni Vescoli), Minstrels and - some time lag well - Rumpelstilz (with Polo Hofer). COOL FLOWER POWER. Simon & Garfunkel - America , Scott McKenzie - San Francisco , The Byrds - The Chimes Of Freedom (1965, Original by Bob Dylan). In the Flowerpower time course are also the Wild and sounds, as well as the shrill and Dreamy - the latter fits into this category: especially cool here are of course Simon & Garfunkel. Songs was against. In this impressive list can Vietnam War songs enter, if you know more. . 2 Radio . In fact (also) the radio was already on the Flowerpower time - a few examples, there are even himself by Jimi Hendrix. You could use the radio might also be described as an evolution from the (old) Rhythm & Blues and R & B, but the radio was much more playful than this; a certain influence from Jazz is unmistakable. In radio are certainly the roots of the whole of modern dance music; meaning it is also about the development of disco, electro, house, hip-hop and techno music. Interesting way, is also the African radio music or radio rock music (as well as the African Jazz Music, nota bene). Three examples: Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People, Billy Preston - Outa Space, The Funkees - Dancing Time. - Switzerland:. Grandmother's Funck, Pepe Lienhard band . COOL RADIO SOS Band - Groovin '(That's What We're Doin') , Gil Scott-Heron - Inner City Blues (he is also considered one of the founders of the chant [HipHop]) , Ronny Jordan - Cool And Funky (Funk & Smooth Jazz). That to me is the most difficult category because I was not very well versed with it, while it was supposed to be a bunch of cool music just the radio. . 3 (Hardware) rock . The early hard rock was the direct and logical development of the hippie and flower power music. When the three bands are generally founded Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath - but also about Uriah Heep or Jethro Tull can be expected to do so. The Hard Rock is a descendant influenced all rock music significantly. The 1970's brought on the one hand the so-called progressive rock (An example of this might Pink Floyd), on the other phenomena such as the glam rock, punk and heavy metal (later as well as the Grunge [Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, among others], or Stoner Rock [Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Magnetic Monster, among others], at the same time running in the mainstream, the line from the progressive rock and New Wave further: the most famous name to perhaps Coldplay and many more, It was U2 probably the band. everything has influenced in recent years, which has today (mainstream) is called rock music. U2 is undoubtedly the rock band the office people (become). Much of this area drowned today somehow U2. Is not it? Three examples (not to U2, but for hard rock in general): Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks, Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out, Deep Purple - Black Night, and ... three little special rock bands that you also should not forget (and many others - from my youth, with a bit of live music): Saga - Humble Stance, Yes - Changes, Big Country * - Wonderland. . - Switzerland: Gotthard, Züri West, Krokus * The actual favorite band ** my later teenage years, with very strong live performances is to locate in an idiosyncratic combination of new wave, folk and hard rock (a little bit punk is: bandleader Stuart *** Adamson played previously with The Skids, a quite well-known New Wave punk band). After resolution 2000 (with the suicide of Adamson), the band founded 2007 and 2010 new (first with Mike Peters, of The Alarm, then even with Derek Forbes, ex-Simple Minds, and the old band members Mark Brzezicki, Tony Butler and Bruce Watson, among others). Today, incidentally, also the children of Adamson are active: Cal and Kirsten - with their bands AHAB (with lead singer Dave Burn - not to be confused with a German doom-metal band of the same name) and The Gillyflowers. ** There is the further Favorite groups / -interpreten my youth each with one of their best albums (for myself Googling - most of these album is also available on Youtube): Big Country ("The Crossing"), Billy Bragg ("Talking With The Taxman About Poetry"), Barclay James Harvest ("Gone To Earth"), INXS ("Kick"), Jethro Tull ("Heavy Horses"), Saga ("Worlds Apart"), Sam (aka Leslie) Phillips ("The Turning"), The Police ("Synchronicity"), Uriah Heep ("Salisbury") or Wall of Voodoo / Stan Ridgway ("Call of the West" or "The Big Heat"). There were different phases, for example, a hard rock phase (not really great, but there was a time in which I have heard quite a lot of groups like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Nazareth, Scorpions, Kiss - a band that you often somewhat forgotten today, but they were also quite large - Status Quo or similar [even a bit of AC / DC or Iron Maiden, albeit more on the edge, funnily enough was calculated Led Zeppelin really not to - though this was all about my youth still or date again, but not necessarily mandatory]), an Italo-Disco-phase or a reggae phase - would you pack everything in a song, this would be the about a post-hard-rock-new wave folk Disco Reggae Song (there is such a thing ?, probably rather not: That would be to make it even, and many more) - and also the Reggae Sam Phillips I actually a little later discovered really, but both fit well in those days. My very first record bought at all was something completely different: "Nightflight To Venus" by Boney M. (1978, with 13 years only: just after I moved with my family from the countryside to the city, yes, such a thing can be a life pretty change - previously stood beside the fairytale, Kasperli- and Comedy plates actually just a single called "Banjo Boy" by Jan & Kjeld, I had lopped off my parents [my father was professionally relatively often given probably even in northern Germany and Scandinavia and has get, otherwise heard my parents, if at all, rather James Last and stuff]). We were probably the first and perhaps the only generation that has really absorbed the full range of King Music ****. By the way: what should actually the plates with sometimes quite salacious and bawdy jokes of the then German (carnival) humor, which my father had apparently introduced surreptitiously in my early teens Record Collection? For example, this (and others). I will ask him on occasion times. *** He is one of the unfortunately far too early deceased musicians (probably due to suicide). Here is a list of prematurely deceased music stars (before 50, and others): Sid Vicious 21, Buddy Holly 22 (still to this day one of the biggest stars of the early rock'n'roll!), Otis Redding 26, Tim Buckley 27, Kurt Cobain 27 , Jimi Hendrix 27 (in the 1970s, has been spoken by the 27 club), Brian Jones 27, Janis Joplin 27, Jim Morrison 27, Amy Winehouse 27, Andy Gibb 30, Sam Cooke 33, Bon Scott 33, Bob Marley 36 ( he should have said often that he would die at age 36 as Jesus Christ - where did he get this number, I do not know), Mani Matter 36, Michael Hutchence 37, Falco 40, John Lennon 40, 42 Elvis Presley, Peter Tosh 42, Stuart Adamson 43, Marvin Gaye 44, Freddie Mercury 45, Steve Lee 47, Whitney Houston 48, Michael Jackson 50. Most musicians - that you have to say as well - have managed 50+ (and sometimes even in considerable long concert form) , Strikingly, however, the accumulation of a number of names of the absolute biggest names of the 20th century (like Hendrix, Jackson, Lennon, Marley or Presley). **** At some point in the 20th century, music has indeed literature as number 1 of the Arts and the culture replaced, and today the music is well - despite the film - remained at the top. No art can the (young) people more inspiring than the music. But it is like that (and I stood himself up in the middle of these developments in it) - because I think that the boys of today read too little: - As a scribbler me makes this development, of course, not only joy especially.COOL (hardware ) ROCK. Nazareth - Sunshine , Jimi Hendrix - Angel , Novalis - It colored the green meadow *. Cool rock that gives it, as these examples show impressively (and in fact, I have in the search for that category actually Hendrix only really discovered - amazing that you can hardly hear all these great songs). There are many interesting hard rock ballads, but not all fit into this category. * This is a band in extended circle of the so-called Krautrock (Progressive Rock with New Age elements in Germany, the end of the 1960s and beginning of 1970s [until now remained remarkably underground moderately] - as links are NDW, with German lyrics, bands like Novalis or power plant). Here are a few names to: Agitation Free, Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel, Can, jinn, embryo, Faust, Guru Guru, Pyramid, Tangerine Dream. . 4 Pop . What's even pop music? The concept of Pop comes naturally from the concept of the popular, so the complacent and favorites. One can in this case date back to the old folk song phrase, sure in any case has a large part of the pop music also to Pop. This means that the pop is actually ancient. Not infrequently, the popular culture is presented sweet and / or exquisite. The supergroup of European Pops were ABBA and Boney M .; to mention is (a little earlier) and the Scottish Group Middle Of The Road (who looks older examples of pop music, they may find at The Beatles or early female vocal groups such as The Chordettes and The Andrew Sisters, among others, also the Doo Wop is a important precursor). Pop culture has carried on to this day - for example, with the group Spice Girls and others (also in the techno music with Aqua; popular of pop style is also in the Asian Music: J-Pop, C-Pop, T-Pop, etc.). Three examples: Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father, Luv - Greatest Lover, Spice Girls - Wannabe. - Switzerland:. Various pop stars (Vico Torriani, Sherman or Lys Assia) and Peter, Sue & Marc or Lunik . COOL POP ABBA - The Eagle , Phil Carmen - Moonshine Still (which is a Swiss, in fact, with Canadian roots, but top in this area), Bobby McFerrin - Do not Worry Be Happy(would probably be represented in any hit list of the coolest songs) . Actually Pop is a contradiction to softer, slower and cool music because pop precisely maintains the shrill. However, including pop, Chansons Canzoni and in this area, and there are quite a few good songs that could list here, and also pure pop groups (as ABBA) are represented here. . 5 Reggae . About the Mento (ie, the Jamaican style of calypso) and the sound system (rhythm and blues street discos), the Jamaican styles have the Ska (1959), Rock Steady (1966) and reggae emerged (from 1968); This was followed by the roots reggae (from about 1972), the dancehall and ragga very rough - today there is this yet another new type of Lovers Rock: a sweetened with R & B Reggae. Among the most interesting Reggae sizes of recent years might Sizzla and va include Midnite, a band of the Virgin Islands, which plays contemporary roots reggae (both quite fundamentalist, nota bene). I would particularly like to point out the significant British reggae scene that comes up again and again with a special own sound . - Three examples (Reggae general): Andy Horace - problem, Errol Dunkley - A Little Way Different, Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting. - Switzerland: Phenomden, Dodo, Moonraisers (or this: Itegrator - Good ThinX). COOL reggae. The Melodians - Rivers Of Babylon , Johnny Osbourne - Give A Little Love (super cool), Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough . In reggae have repeatedly faster and harder replaced with slower phases, including, in particular, the Rock Steady, the Lovers Rock (with Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown and Delroy Wilson, etc.) or the new soft wave in the Dancehall (Jah Cure, Busy signal Popcaan, etc.). . 6 Disco . The disco music has evolved from the black radio out, but then developed in Europe with the Italo Disco own direction. This music, which actually came from the New Wave (as shown by the very early Italo Disco plates partly, for example in Savage, Gazebo, Ryan Paris or P. Lion, and others), but came not only from Italy, but from the whole Mediterranean area (and later from all over [western] Europe). From the Italo Disco turn the Euro Dance and Spacesynth has arisen (the latter is quasi instrumental Italo Disco Space sound, with groups such as Hypnosis, KOTO, Cyber ​​People, Laserdance, Proxyon or Galaxion, uva). A group that easy to forget in this area, but do not forget, Modern Talking is. Three examples: Bee Gees - Stayin 'Alive, Hot Chocolate - Every One's A Winner, Mirage - No More No War. - Switzerland: DJ Bobo, Coolman (Peter) Steiner, Jules. Special Italo Disco - ten titles to: Danny Keith - Keep On Music, Fake - Frogs In Spain, KOTO - Visitors, Martinelli - Cenerentola, Radiorama - Aliens, Rose - Magic Carillon, Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza, Scotch - Disco Band, Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream, Via Verdi - Diamond .(This resulted in my later youth in discos across Europe, and that is probably the most popular musical of all time, who knows no one today -. Most of it was even then only played in the discos and not in the radio) COOL DISCO . William Onyeabor - When The Going Is Smooth And Good , Bee Gees - Night Fever , Danny Keith - Keep On Music . Disco and cool music is actually an even greater contradiction than the pop or rock, because that is actually defined as a hot dance music. I have yet found a few cool numbers that can be attributed to the disco music. Interestingly, the beginnings of Italo Disco were also more likely slow, but also so melancholic that they do not fit here. Otherwise - that is in the black Disco music - come the approaches mainly from the smooth jazz. PS In the 1980's was all disco because every band wanted at that time with a Maxi Single (Extended Dance Version and / or Special Remix) in the dancehalls in (where all went, because they had heard the plates during the holidays [in Italy, Spain or other holiday destinations in Europe - actually beginning a tourist phenomenon]). Even rock bands made ​​in that time disco dance versions of their songs - there are many examples of this. Maybe that's a bit rudimentary, but in the 20th century one can probably make about this classification: 1910-he Dixieland, 1920's Blues, 1930's Jazz, 1940's Swing, 1950s rock 'n' roll, 1960- He beat 1970's Pop, 1980's disco, 1990's Techno (and today everything is always possible, so to speak: the great opening). . 7New Wave . The New Wave is just as important and significant as well as difficult-to-understand direction of the newer music. It manifested itself in different directions, for example in rock music, the electro or in Disco Dance. Therefore, there is also the typical new-wave song not - but: it can be as popig as rock. But are typical sorts of oblique types - such as Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop or Lou Reed, David Bowie and of course one of them, which probably like Steve Harley heard a during the Glam Rocks even among the founders of the phenomenon (and bands like Talking Heads or The Stranglers, and many others). Is it rock? Is it pop? No, it's New Wave. One recognizes a slight slope for the bizarre to Gloomy - the mainstream. The New Wave has remained in further waves today actually (co-) determining in rock and pop. Three examples: Iggy Pop - Passenger, Yazoo - Goodbye 70's, Mano Negra - Out Of Time Man. - Switzerland:. Stephan Eicher, Vera Kaa, Pegasus Special German New Wave NDW - Ten title information to. DAF - Reach for the Stars, Ina Deter Band - needs new men the country, Joachim Witt - Goldener Reiter, Kraftwerk - Computer World, Peter Schilling - Major Tom, profile - So cool, Rheingold - FanFanFanatisch, Spider Murphy Gang - Summer in the City , Spliff - emergency exit, Trio - Da Da Da (other or even better-known performers who this sector can also be attributed, are about Falco, Nena or Nina Hagen). COOL NEW WAVE. Stan Ridgway - Train Of Thought ( Live ) INXS - Mediate , Sam Phillips - How To Dream . In New Wave, there are quite a lot of songs that fit here (which could lead to the conclusion that the new wave of music is a cool [in any case falls, the selection in this category particularly difficult]). . 8 Techno . If today Techno says one thinks of trance and rave, so those (main) styles of synthetic music that emerged in the 1990's (and then also va were played on the big Techno parades). Here are a few classic techno anthems from the beginning of today's techno music: The Age Of Love (1990), Stella (1992), Insomnia (1995), Sandstorm (2000). The Techno range is but actually much more diverse. The roots are the one hand, to search the area US-Electro / House and Italo Disco (incl later Spacesynth and / or Euro Dance.); important groups of electro dance music in the United States were for example Cybotron or Man Parrish (1982). Another very important source is the rock and pop music, with performers such as Jarre, Moroder or Oldfield (among others, also Kraftwerk, Rockets or Space) - also, of course, various groups of progressive rock. Entry for the different varieties of Techno music also includes the Ambient Music. Three examples: Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part 2, Man Parrish - Heatstroke, Jam & Spoon - Stella. - Switzerland: DJ Antoine, DJ Energy, Aboriginal Voices (specifically: Dieter Moebius .)COOL TECHNO. Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part 2 , AmBeam - Moonraker (here there is the whole song in two parts: 1 , 2 ), Mr Squatch - Luminate .Unfortunately, I know myself in the big wide Techno area not too good (as far as the newer music - therefore this is probably just a fluke, but nevertheless [I'm still looking for a bit when I find time]). . 9 HipHop . Chanting it was earlier in the Reggae (reggae DJ), or of course in Jazz (called Scat); among the most important pioneers of hip-hop is one in the US about Gil Scott-Heron. The rap culture from the New York Ghetto Bronx has existed since the early 1970s, in the late 1970's there were recordings (Fatback years band Sugarhill Gang, Africa Bambataa and Grandmaster Flash - along with Blondie [!] - To the early figureheads were also about a native of Jamaica Kool DJ Herc and Grand Wizard Theodore). Later, the rap culture HipHop was called - as fathers of the success of this pimped and commercialized form of rap group Run-DMC applies. Three examples: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - Message, KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives, OutKast feat. Goodie Mob - Git Up, Git Out. - Switzerland: stress, GeilerAsDu, Chlyklass (other pioneers of the Bernese dialect rape: Baze, Greis, Hobbitz, PVP, Root 5, 6 Gascho, 7962 - interesting: the history of the association band Chlyklass). . COOL HIPHOP Common - Love Is ... , Goodie Mob feat. 8 Ball & MJG - Soulfood , Jovanotti - Serenata Rap . That was not so difficult in this category, as I thought -. Again, there is some. Who seeks matters really cool (even jazz-based eg) (eg Guru / Gang Starr, Dream Warriors, Pete Rock, Jazz Spastiks, Digable Planets, Kero One, among others), is a new approach to hip-hop. 10th (Contemporary) R & B . The radio had probably again be something soulful and somehow it then come together for Contemporary R & B, which has arisen quite large, although you get the feeling that this is music that it has actually been a long time. It took a relatively long time at that time - as this direction arose - until I realized that this something else is meant, as the R & B, which was known until then. The old R & B means namely R & B and the new Rhythm & Beat, or mittlerweilen better: Contemporary R & B.Although the term, I think (at least for us) until the 1990s, has arisen, there are of course early icons of the 1980s such as Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Lionel Ritchie (even Michael Jackson and Prince are counted to - significantly above are also numerous great female voices). A further development was the R & B dance music (precursor thereof are about Joyce Sims or Smooth Jazz). Three examples: Luther Vandross - Always And Forever, Mary J. Blige - Family Affair, Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing . - Switzerland:. Marc Sway, Natacha, Djemeia . COOL R & B Luther Vandross - Always And Forever , Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing [Mahogany Mix] (probably one of the most interesting voices in contemporary music [and therefore not always cool, but here already] ), Glory Bosnjak - Do not Write Me Off Just Yet (legendary ripped on Swiss television [The Voice of Switzerland], but actually really good). This last part of the side has been slightly redesigned. Seemed to me that this part is not so good for oldies fits above, and I came up with the following idea for it. The text to the different styles I have left, as the examples, but without links (the songs you can with the appropriate interest please himself out googling) - to be re-emphasized with links to each direction three examples of somewhat slower, cool music. The challenge is not so easy to find really cool songs around. Because it should not simply be soft and slow, but really cool. Let's see (otherwise you have Music course not only cool, but it can be somehow, mainly it should be good, but here cool songs are now again sought).

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Een verzameling bekende en minder bekende Golden Country Songs, geselecteerd door Marc Vanholzaten. Je kan ze hier 24 op 24 non-stop beluisteren. De collectie wordt regelmatig uitgebreid
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